Moldovita Monastery (1532)

Moldovita Monastery from Bucovina The Moldovita monastery is one of the most beautiful in Bukovina. Its beginnings are lost in time, but it seems to have been founded sometime during the reign of the Moldavian Musat dynasty.
The stone church was erected by order of Alexander the Good, and it was officially mentioned for the first time around 1405. It celebrates the Annunciation.
As several others, the monastery was one of Stephan the Great’s favorites. In a number of documents, he granted it eleven villages, a number of ponds and apiaries and certain trade privileges – all of which made it one of the richest monasteries in the country.
The church has a traditional layout, being made up of five clearly defined halls, each of them having its own cupola. The wooden reredos, a true work of art, is minutely carved, painted and gilded. Its upper part dates from the 16th century, whereas the bottom had to be replaced and dates from the 18th century.

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