Dragomirna Monastery (1609)

Dragomirna Monastery from Bucovina Situated 9 miles (15 km) away from Suceava, the monastery was built by the famous Moldavian bishop and humanist Anastasie Crimca. Its name derives from the name of the Dragomiresti estate, which was bestowed, in the year 1587, by the Moldavian ruler Peter the Lame, upon the young soldier Ilie Crimca – soon afterwards to become the monk Anastasie – as a token of appreciation for his bravery during a battle against the Cossacks.
The inner frescoes are inspired by those in Sucevita and were done by four painters, whose names have been found written inside the altar: Popa Craciun, Maties, Popa Ignat and Gligorie.
The church is dedicated to the Descent of the Holy Spirit. It combines two totally different styles: on the one hand, it is monumental, elegant and the tallest medieval church in Bukovina (max. height: 137 ft. / 42 m), whereas on the other hand, the saints’ portraits and the intricate carvings on the tower are reminiscent of the miniatures done at that time.

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