The Ancient Woods in Slatioara

Situated on the eastern slope of Mount Rarau, within an elevation of 2590-4440 ft. (790-1353 m), close to the picturesque village of Slatioara, The Ancient Woods cover three mountains (Batca neagra, Batca cu Plai and Batca Lesei) separated from each other by deep ravines. The idea of making those woods into a nature reserve dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Even though in the 1920’s and 1930’s some of the old trees were felled and the Latoace Gorge was dynamited, the reserve has since completely regained its beautiful, pristine appearance.
The Ancient Woods are home to a number of rare species of animals and plants, ranging from red sweet water algae to the yew tree. Five new varieties of butterflies were discovered there, as well as an endemic species of insects called “Carabus rarauense”.
The reserve can be reached via the road connecting the town of Frasin to the village of Slatioara, through the commune of Stulpicani.

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